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This page was last updated on 06.12.2011


Ulak-CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team) is a security unit that has been established within the context of National Academic Network. For the method followed to establish this unit you can refer to RFC2350 document. Ulak-CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team) is responsible for preventing the potential security violation of external networks to ULAKNET, ascertaining the attacks and the people in charge and in the same way, preventing the attacks of ULAKNET to the outside world and if there was an attack, ascertaining the people in charge of the attack and sharing the information with the administrators of this network.


  • Increasing the consciousness of information security throughout the network,
  • Decreasing the number of the attacks threatening the computer security of the academic network,
  • Coordinating the stage of ascending the people in charge of security violation,
  • Informing the administrators of nodes who are connected to the network about the up-to-date deficits and their solutions.
  • Training the connected node administrators about information security,
  • Supplying documents in Turkish about the methods of providing information security.

Contact information

csirt at ulakbim dot gov dot tr
Phone: +90 312 298 93 10
Fax: +90 312 298 93 93
Adres: Tübitak-Ulakbim Yök Binası B5 Blok Bilkent / Ankara

Team Members

Hüseyin Yüce Marmara University
Gökhan Akın Istanbul Technical University
Hüsnü Demir Middle East Technical University

Report an Incident

To report an incident about ULAKNET IP blocks (,,,, click here .


For the PGP keys of Ulak-CSIRT members click here.

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